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Maftoe and Sons Foods Venture is aimed at providing processed food products ( that can serve as raw materials and direct food consumption products for other people ) that are healthy for people living with one health condition or another such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, just to mention a few and also for people that wants to develop a healthy eating habits that finally stick.

Being told by your medical doctor to change your eating habit and lifestyle due to a health condition can be frustrating, stressful and in most cases not too exciting. Sometimes, it instils a lot of fear occasioned by the question “what should I now eat”? Do I have time and energy to meet the requirements of a change in eating habit and lifestyle? At Maftoe we provide positive answers to these questions through our services.


To be Nigeria’s favorite go-to place for quality, healthy, processed foods and products.


Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Team work, Servant Leadership and Excellence.
These values will help serve our clients better.


To be the first choice in providing processed food products for consumption in combating food related health conditions.


…helps you to eat better NOT LESS


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